Our Greatest Benefit. We Own It!

Everyone's an Owner at the Flow Control Group

What’s the greatest part about being an employee of any of the 85+ companies within the FCG portfolio? We own the company!

FCG believes that no one person can build a successful organization on their own, which is why all employees have ownership in the company.  As owners, our employees have an increased sense of pride in what they do.  They take initiative, they are innovative, and they go the extra mile to ensure the company’s success.

Ownership For All

In 2021, the Flow Control Group and equity partner, KKR, launched a broad-based employee ownership program extended to every employee within the FCG portfolio companies. They believed that because everyone contributes to FCG’s success, everyone should have the benefits of ownership!

“Joining the employee ownership program has given me a renewed sense of dedication, knowing that my efforts directly shape not just my future, but the company’s collective destiny.” – Steve Edwards