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Acquired Companies Grow Faster Post Acquisition

Why Partner with Flow Control Group

Central to our approach is our unwavering commitment to maintain the autonomy of each brand we acquire. We look to partner with well-managed, profitable businesses where significant operating changes are not necessary and encourage current management to continue doing what they do best – service & support customers. After becoming part of the Flow Control Group, we coordinate efforts to ensure the company has access to our full breadth of support including, but not limited to, operations,  training programs, shared best practices, marketing, legal, accounting and HR services. Our goal is to work with the local management team to create opportunities for key employees & incrementally grow the business.

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Maintain Your
Secret Sauce

Maintaining autonomy of an acquired company is crucial to preserve its unique strengths, foster innovation, and leverage the local expertise and relationships that contributed to its success

Cultivate Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

We encourage innovation  and provide platforms for new acquisitions to showcase and implement their ideas and strategies while leveraging the resources and support of the larger organization

Strengthen Your

FCG seeks to strengthening the relationships of each acquisition as it preserves brand loyalty and maximizes the value derived from the acquisition by ensuring continued customer satisfaction and retention

Align Priorities & Technologies

Alignment is vital to ensure effective coordination, streamlined operations, and optimized resource allocation to facilitate synergies and mutual goals while minimizing conflicts or inefficiencies

Our Greatest Asset is The People

At FCG, we believe our greatest asset is our people. We feel that same about the employees of every acquisition.

We know that employees are the heart of every organization. They possess invaluable insights into a company’s operations, culture, and relationships.  For this reason, we preserve the existing workforce of all acquisitions and make a commitment to respecting the people who contributed to the acquired company’s success.

Employees of acquired companies reap significant benefits as part of an acquisition by the Flow Control Group. Typically the employee benefits are comparable, if not better.  Learn more about FCG’s employee benefits>>

Everyone's An Owner at FCG!

The Ownership For All program at FCG was designed to provide employees with a financial stake in the company. All employees, of every one of the FCG family of companies, enjoys the benefits of ownership.

The program promotes a positive organizational culture, which has resulted in the continued success of FCG companies. At all levels of the company, customers work with an employee-owner, an individual who is invested in the success of the company and the quality of service all FCG companies deliver.

Many Companies, One Team

Though we are many companies, we are truly one team at Flow Control Group.  Our unified team approach encourages diverse perspectives and expertise from various Brands to intersect, leading to cross-functional innovation. This enables us to develop comprehensive solutions that consider multiple angles, resulting in higher quality products, services, and processes. Additionally, our unity fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Ultimately, our success hinges on our ability to harness the collective strengths of our Brands, as this fosters agility, innovation, and adaptability—key attributes for sustained growth and achievement. Visit our locations page to learn more about our brands across the US and Canada.

Investment in People, Process & Technology

At Flow Control Group we invest in our Brands’ success. We offer access to best-in-class shared services support to provide Brands with access to services that help amplify their capabilities, reduce costs, access expertise, and position their business for sustainable growth. 

Through this approach, our Brands are able to accessed advanced technologies and top-tier talent that were previously unattainable due to budget constraints. This integration of shared services to empowered the company to elevate its performance and deliver even greater value to its customers, making a transformative step forward in its post-acquisition journey. 

Shared Services Support: