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About Flow Control Group

Driven by an Entrepreneurial Spirit & Ownership Mindset

At Flow Control Group (FCG), we actively nurture entrepreneurial thinking and encourage that mindset among teams.  We empower all employees to move nimbly, imagine unseen possibilities and push beyond barriers. This enables us all to unearth ideas even from outside the scope of our position and we take the initiative to see these ideas through.  

FCG is also an employee-owned business. This means all 2,000+ employees, across all of our 85+ brands, are owners of the company.  Ownership gives us a sense of pride and purpose, which has a real-life impact on the way we feel about the work we do.

As owners, we understand the direct impact of the efforts on the company’s bottom line. This heightened sense of responsibility translates into better customer service, as we all are more invested in delivering exceptional experiences. We take pride in our work, striving to exceed customer expectations and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Empowering Entrepreneurs By Bringing Visions to Life

At Flow Control Group, we partner with our Brands to transform their ideas into reality. It is a rewarding journey that blends financial support with operational expertise to transform ideas into reality.

Guided by a shared vision, this partnership navigates the intricate terrain of entrepreneurship, where creativity meets practicality.  Together, we sculpt the blueprint for success, nurturing fledgling concepts into thriving ventures and new revenue streams. This dynamic synergy not only fuels economic growth, but also nurtures the spirit of entrepreneurialism. 

Safety Is Our Mission

At Flow Control Group, our commitment to employee safety is unwavering and part of our company culture. We believe that every employee’s well-being is paramount, and as such, we have implemented comprehensive safety protocols. Open lines of communication encourage employees to report concerns and offer suggestions, fostering a culture of collaboration where safety is everyone’s responsibility.

This dedication to safeguarding our workforce extends beyond the workplace, as we continually invest in programs that promote wellness and mental health. At FCG, our employees can rest assured that their safety is non-negotiable, allowing them to focus, thrive, and contribute effectively to our shared success.