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Industries We Serve


Providing customers next generation technical support and product acquisition through our unique t-commerce platform.

General Industrial

Flow Control Group knows that manufacturing processes depend on consistent, reliable and efficient production.

Water / Wastewater

Water/Wastewater experts employing cutting-edge equipment, technology, and software.

Life Sciences

Flow Control Group handles Pharma/Biopharma and medical devices that have highly specialized requirements and regulatory standards.

Food & Beverage

Specialize in hygienic and non-hygienic solutions throughout the food, beverage, beer, wine and distilled spirits markets.

Pulp & Paper

FCG brands enjoys a seventy year history as a valued supplier to the pulp and paper industry.

High Tech / Carbon Neutral Technologies

New technologies from e-vehicles and battery storage to Green Hydrogen are changing the way the world works and powered.

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Specialize in supporting the institutional sector including schools, hospitals, prisons and others institutional facilities.

Panorama petrochemical industry on sunset and Twilight sky, Power plant, Energy power station area.

Chemicals, Oil & Gas

We serve oil & gas processing markets with a
broad range of products and services.

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