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Flow Control Group stands out in its service capabilities, excelling in shop and field repair while embracing the digital age. With a focus on real-time monitoring, FCG empower customers with insightful data for informed decisions and leverage trend analysis to predict and prevent potential issues. FCG’s expertise extends to outage planning, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity through strategic maintenance coordination. Additionally, FCG offers robust MRO support and round-the-clock assistance, providing unwavering guidance for both planned and unplanned outages.

Valve Automation

Our valve automation services gives us in-house capabilities that allow us to design, fabricate, build and test all of our automated valve assemblies. Working with our valve and actuator principles, we maintain a high level of quality and design integrity. 

In-House Valve Repair

Many of our Brands specializes in servicing and repairing most linear and rotary control valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, regulators, actuators and accessory controls. In-house capabilities include: Hydraulic press, Assembly benches, Complete machine shop, Paint booth, In-stock pneumatic actuator accessory controls parts, Seat leak test stand, and Hydraulic pressure test stand

Field Service

Our experienced service technicians are committed to exceeding customer requirements by meeting all customer and industry specifications. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and an enhanced level of service. We supply and repair an array of municipal and industrial valves for almost every application.

Scheduled testing plan can be put in place to reduce any unplanned downtime. Our valve experts will work with customers to document maintenance history and plan regular predictive maintenance checks to help reduce downtime and shorten the interval between valve repairs.

Diagnostic & Real Time Monitoring

Most customers do not have the resources, valve expertise, or focus to fully realize the value of advanced valve diagnostics. With our support and early identification of potential issues, customers can act or plan for action, before a failure occurs and avoid costly, unplanned downtime.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Expert valve inventory management involves strategic oversight of valve stocks to optimize efficiency and minimize costs. These specialists employ data-driven analyses to determine optimal stocking levels, reorder points, and usage patterns. By ensuring the availability of critical valves while avoiding excess inventory, they enhance operational fluidity and financial performance for industrial enterprises.


Valve testing services play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and safety of critical industrial systems. These specialized services encompass a range of comprehensive assessments, including functional testing, pressure testing, leak detection, and performance validation. 

Preventative Maintenance

Expert valve predictive maintenance leverages advanced data analytics and sensor technology to forecast potential issues in industrial valve systems. This proactive approach enhances operational reliability, minimizes unplanned downtime, and optimizes maintenance schedules, resulting in improved overall system efficiency.

Start Up Support

Expert valve start-up support ensures a smooth and efficient commissioning process for industrial systems. Experienced professionals provide on-site assistance, conducting thorough inspections, calibration, and system checks to guarantee that valves function accurately and safely from the outset. This expertise minimizes teething issues, accelerates system deployment, and facilitates a seamless transition to full operational capacity.

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