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Valves & Actuation

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Engineered Solutions

Flow Control Group specializes in tailored engineered solutions, with a strong focus on custom product offerings and automated valve packages meticulously designed to meet each customer’s precise requirements. Their expertise lies in creating innovative solutions that optimize industrial processes and enhance operational efficiency. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, FCG ensures that their engineered products not only meet but exceed expectations, positioning them as a reliable partner for delivering cutting-edge solutions in the realm of automated valve systems.

Valve Sizing & Selection

Sizing of valves is a critical step to ensure process stability and control. A properly sized valve will provide the rangeability, repeatability and resolution that ensure the selected valve package delivers the flow optimized for the process conditions.

Actuator Sizing & Selection

Our experts help customers consider factors when deciding to actuate a valve. Criteria can include consideration for precision process control, inaccessibility to remote areas, for emergency fail-safe requirements or because of excessive valve operating torque. Whatever the circumstance it is important to choose the proper actuator for the specific application.

Safety Valve Recertification (Set/Test)

Our valve experts provide a comprehensive service for the recertification / recalibration of Safety Relief valves. The primary function of a safety valve is to protect property and life. Because a safety valve is often the last device to prevent catastrophic failure under pressure conditions, it is important that the valve works at all times – it must be 100% reliable.

Process Control Optimization

Providing advanced predictive analytics and diagnostics capabilities, enabling proactive identification and resolution of control valve performance issues. Integrating this expertise amplifies FCG’s ability to fine-tune control valve loops, optimize process control, minimize variability, reduce off-spec products, and maximize unit throughput and profitability in flow control applications.

Panel Design and Fabrication

Valve automation control panels are meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of customers in industrial settings. The design process involves close collaboration between engineering teams and clients to ensure that the panels are tailored to their unique operational demands. Fabrication entails the careful assembly of components, integration of control systems, and adherence to industry standards, resulting in reliable and durable panels. Rigorous testing procedures are then conducted to validate performance, functionality, and safety measures, guaranteeing that the valve automation control panels effectively meet and exceed customer expectations.

Custom Hardware and Machining

Valve adaptation hardware design is a core competency, backed by in-house machining capabilities catering to diverse valve and actuator types. This integrated approach ensures precise and tailored solutions for unique requirements. Leveraging both in-house machining and design expertise, the process is streamlined and quality-controlled, with access to 3D drawings and finite element analysis contributing to the robustness and customization of the valve adaptation hardware design.

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