Air Compression, Dehydration & Purification

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Engineered Solutions

Comprised of air experts from across the Flow Control Group companies, the Air Management Group works to improve the customer experience through the introduction of new products and capabilities. Within the Air Management Group, a wide variety of products and expertise are available including air compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, air piping, air dryers, filtration, along with expertise related to equipment service and installation and air audit services required to keep our customers running at the most efficient level. 

TotalCare Connect - Remote Monitoring Services

TotalCare Connect is an Industry 4.0 solutions provider focused on industrial uses of IOT.  We specialize in the use of measurement, edge, cloud, and AI/ML to maximize machine performance and longevity.

Mobile Engineered Solutions

Mobile Engineered Solutions are designed with all of the essential air compressors, related equipment, and accessories required for customer’s application. Mobile Engineered Solutions are ideal when floor space is limited, to avoid costly installation, or if equipment needs to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

TruLink™ - Compressor Piping System

We have taken the best and made it better – introducing TruLink™, the next generation in aluminum piping systems. Completely designed, engineered, and manufactured by AST, TruLink™ combines the proven reliability, safety, and installation ease of the past with cutting edge material, engineering, and manufacturing technology.


TurboLogix is a comprehensive family of offerings meticulously designed to empower customers with a multifaceted approach to energy conservation, heightened compressor reliability, and the prevention of disruptive unforeseen downtime. This encompassing solution encompasses an array of vital components, ranging from cutting-edge electronic hardware and state-of-the-art software to adept engineering consultations and hands-on field services.

Custom Air Handing Units

The leader in custom engineered air handling and energy efficient solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional needs. Our design engineers work closely with customers to develop truly customized AHUs that deliver optimum results in performance, reliability, lifecycle and serviceability while ensuring fast turnaround time.

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