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Automation Engineered Solutions

TAG Solutions has developed and fine-tuned many advanced solutions, each designed to draw out peak performance from specific manufacturing systems and processes. The versatility of these pre-engineered solutions means that our engineers can easily adapt them to similar applications in other industries, saving development time and costs. Our pre-engineered solutions offer innovative options that can reduce costs while improving quality and efficiency. They can be configured to meet the unique requirements of your automation project and facility.

Machine Tending & Palletizing Solutions

Our custom-built collaborative robot solution for machine tending and palletizing applications makes selection of the components simple. Each scenario is unique and we determine what solution best fits your goals. In the design process, we consider a number of things; what type of gripper system is needed, the output of the cell, the target production rate, the floor space required and every other detail to build the best machine tending and palletizing solution. We will deliver you a complete custom collaborative robot machine tending or palletizing solution by combining multiple components with application-specific hardware and software.

Turnkey Engineered Projects

We specialize in offering turnkey automation engineering projects across a diverse range of industries. Our years of experience and knowledge of a variety of engineering disciplines are the foundation for our proven approach and the success of the hundreds of complex projects we have undertaken.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Increase efficiency, reduce downtime and failures, and improve compliance with our pre-configured kit for remote monitoring applications. Remote monitoring solutions (RMS) is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge device with a built-in Historian and HMI capabilities. Seamlessly and securely transmitting wirelessly connected sensor data for real time monitoring, our platform is built with known industrial solutions and can easily be integrated into third-party applications, such as Enterprise SCADA and Public and Private Cloud Solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

TotalCare Connect - Remote Monitoring Services

TotalCare Connect is an Industry 4.0 solutions provider focused on industrial uses of IOT.  We specialize in the use of measurement, edge, cloud, and AI/ML to maximize machine performance and longevity.


Guarding and Framing

As required by OSHA, facilities must install at least one guarding mechanism to prevent accidents and injuries, also making the automated or machining areas guarded more comfortable for workers to spend time in.  We provide custom design and building for a total solution for guarding and framing for your machines and equipment. 

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