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Repair Service Centers

Our state-of-the-art facilities across our family of companies are equipped with cutting-edge machinery that can handle any size industrial pump or rotating equipment. Some facilities boast bridge cranes that can support up to 30,000 lbs. and impeller balancing machines that can handle up to 10,000 lbs.  Our team can tackle even the most demanding repair projects. With a CNC horizontal boring mill at our disposal, we can ensure that all repairs are completed with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency, while our certified clean room guarantees that all bearing installations are performed to the strictest standards of cleanliness and quality.

Field Services

Our Field Service teams are comprised of highly trained and experienced industrial equipment technicians. With a variety of certifications and extensive experience repairing, rebuilding, and installing industrial rotating equipment, grouting new bases, and applying special coatings for floors and equipment. 

Sewer Flow Monitoring

Sewer flow service monitoring measures liquid flows, whether full-pipe, open-channel, or watercourse application. Our monitoring services cover temporary and permanent monitoring requirements. We can supply, install, commission, calibrate and maintain measurement devices, as well as generating data reports with analysis to support engineering studies.

Water Flow Services

Experience in supplying a variety of water flow services and operational services within a water distribution system to both operating authorities and consultants.  We can also assist a municipality with flushing programs, water quality dead-end flushing to increase chlorine residuals in the water system, fire hydrant maintenance, and small-scale valve turning exercise operations.  Common Water Flow Services include C-Factor Testing, Fire Flow Testing, Pressure Monitoring and Flow Monitoring.

Water Loss Management

Industry leader in conducting water loss studies and meter program development, able to handle any size of project. Common services include IWA/AWWA Water Balance & Audit, Leak Detection Surveys, District Meter Area and Meters.

Calibration and Commissioning Services

Recognized as one of most respected measurement and instrument calibration companies for municipal and industrial treatment facilities in Canada. We provide liquid flow, level, pressure, water quality instrumentation, qualitative measurement, verification and calibration services using proven manufacturer equipment, primary and/or secondary standards, best management standards for comparative techniques, and analytical procedures.

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