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Thermal Engineered Solutions

Our Thermal Solutions experts understand that reliability and durability of heat and steam management components are key to leveraging the energy source to the fullest extent. Our steam traps, condensate systems, control valves, regulators and heat exchanger packages meet the high performance requirements of industrial processing to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Our engineering and sales staff possess extensive knowledge and expertise of the thermal industrial systems and applications used by these industries. As such our value proposition relies on our ability to understand and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, providing flexible processes for delivering high-quality products and services.


The CompackHeat™ is a pre-assembled heat exchanger package designed specifically for building heating applications.  Based on a proven concept this design utilizes the sensible & latent heat of steam and eliminates the loss of energy through flash.

A conventional heat exchanger modulates the steam inlet to control the outlet water temperature. The CompackHeat™ controls the outlet water temperature by modulating the condensate outlet and flooding the heat exchanger. In summary instead of modulating the differential temperature as on a conventional design, the CompackHeat™ uses the heat transfer surface by varying the condensate level according to the process demand. 

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