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Heat & Steam Services

Our Heat and Steam experts understand that reliability and durability of heat and steam management components are key to leveraging the energy source to the fullest extent. Our steam traps, condensate systems, control valves, regulators and heat exchanger packages meet the high performance requirements of industrial processing to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Our engineering and sales staff possess extensive knowledge and expertise of the industrial systems and applications used by these industries. As such our value proposition relies on our ability to understand and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, providing flexible processes for delivering high-quality products and services.

Our ES professionals recognize and respond to a proven need for comprehensive and cost effective steam and utility system services. With a team of readily available experts; ES responds quickly and can mobilize to customer sites. With a track record of successfully handling difficult challenges; ES delivers customized services that align with the specific challenges presented by each capital project, operations improvement, or maintenance program.

Operations & Maintenance Support

  • Steam/Condensate Distribution System Review, Analysis or Troubleshooting
  • Steam & Glycol Tracing System Design, Improvement and Review
  • Sulphur System Temperature Control Analysis and Improvement
  • Equipment Specific Analysis: Drainage Review, Steam Trap Audit or Piping Review
  • Winterization procedures review and/or implementations
  • Steam Quality Analysis and Review
  • Steam System Debottlenecking

Heat Trace Design

Our heat trace design experts specialize in serving industrial and large commercial applications with complete engineering packages that include the heat trace design from customer-provided plans and specs, complete heat trace isometric drawings, panel schedules and even field supervision of the installation.

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